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Group Photo (2017) of MMN and Microfactory start-up:

(foreground, from left to right):  Pham Bin Minh, Gustavo Gimenes, Marie-Caroline Jullien, Marjan Abdorahim, Maria Russo, Lorène Champougny, Marine Truchet, Alexandre Mansur, Jiang Xu, Franck Oswald, Nathalia da Silva Goncalves, Fabrice Monti

(background, from left to right): Patrick Tabeling, Pavel Yazhgur, Maxime Colin, Jules Dupire, Florent Fouché, Hubert Geiser, Etienne Coz, Benjamin Reichert, Cesare Cejas, Margaux Kerdraon, Joshua Ricouvier, Ilham Maimouni, Joshua McGraw, Marc Pascual, Pierre Garneret

Looking into the future...

Maria Russo pointing to the dome of Val de Grâce

Happy faces of some of the students and postdocs of MMN (November 2017).

A seminar in Chamrousse in 2014. Another seminar was also held in 2016, also in Chamrousse...

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