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Stable liquid foams from a new polyfluorinated surfactant

M. Russo, Z. Amara, J. Fenneteau, P. Chaumont-Olive, I. Maimouni, P. Tabeling, J. Cossy.(2020). Chemical Communication.

Microfluidics Mediated Production of Foams for Biomedical Applications

I. Maimouni, C. M. Cejas, J. Cossy, P. Tabeling, M. Russo.(2020). Micromachines, 11(1), 83.

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Complete photonic band gaps in 3D foams

I. Maimouni, M. Morvaridi, M. Russo, G. Lui, K. Morozov, J. Cossy, M. Florescu, M. Labousse, P. Tabeling.(2019). arXiv. 1910.10039

Deposition kinetics of bi- and tridisperse colloidal suspensions in microchannels under the van der Waals regime

C. M. Cejas, L. Maini, F. Monti, P. Tabeling .(2019). Soft Matter. 15 (37), 7438-7447

Foam as a self-assembling amorphous photonic band gap material

J. Ricouvier, P. Tabeling, P. Yazghur. (2019). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 116 (19), 9202-9207

Droplet generation at Hele-Shaw microfluidic T-junction

I. Chakraborty, J. Ricouvier, P. Yazghur, P. Tabeling, A. Leshansky. (2019). Physics of Fluids. 31(2), 022010.

Fibrin-Targeted Polymerized Shell Microbubbles as Potential Theranostic Agents for Surgical Adhesions

C. A. Gormley, B. J. Keenan, J. Buczek-Thomas, A. C. S. N. Pessoa, J. Xu, F. Monti, P. Tabeling, R. Glynn Holt, J. O. Nagy, J. Y. Wong. (2019). Langmuir. 35 (31), 10061-10067.

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Universal diagram for the kinetics of particle deposition in micro channels

C.M. Cejas, F. Monti, M. Truchet, J.-P. Burnouf, P. Tabeling. (2018). Physical Review E. 98. 062606

Flow and fracture near the sol–gel transition of silica nanoparticle suspensions

G.E. Gimenes and E. Bouchaud. (2018).  Soft Matter,14, 8036-8043. 

L. D'Eramo, B. Chollet, M. Leman, E. Martwong, M. Li, H. Geisler, J. Dupire, M. Kerdraon, C. Vergne, F. Monti, Y. Tran, P. Tabeling. (2018). Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering. 4, 17069 

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Optimizing Hyperuniformity in Self-Assembled Bidisperse Emulsions

J. Ricouvier, R. Pierrat, R. Carminati, P. Tabeling, P. Yazhgur.  (2017). Physical Review Letters119 (20), 208001.

Particle deposition kinetics of colloidal suspensions in microchannels at high ionic strength

C.M. Cejas, F. Monti, M. Truchet, J.-P. Burnouf, and P. Tabeling. (2017).

Langmuir, 26, 6471-6480.

Roughness of oxide glass subcritical fracture surfaces

G. Pallares, F. Lechenault, M. George, E. Bouchaud, C. Ottina, C.L. Rountree, M. Ciccotti. (2017)

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Paper-based RNA detection and multiplexed analysis for Ebola virus diagnostics

L. Magro, B. Jacquelin, C. Escadafal, P. Garneret, A. Kwasiborski, J.-C. Manuguerra, F. Monti, A. Sakuntabhai, J. Vanhomwegen, P. Lafaye and P. Tabeling. (2017).

Scientific Reports 7, 1347.

In situ targeted activation of an anticancer agent using ultrasound-triggered release of composite droplets

M. Bezagu, J. Clarhaut, B. Renoux, F. Monti, M. Tanter, P. Tabeling, J. Cossy, O. Couture, S. Papot and S. Arseniyadis. (2017). 

Eur J Med Chem, 17, 30223-4.

Microfluidic step-emulsification in axisymmetric geometry

I. Chakraborty, J. Ricouvier, P. Yazhgur, P. Tabeling, A.M. Leshansky. (2017).

Lab on a Chip, 17, 3609-3620.

Paper Microfluidics for Nucleic Acids Amplification Testing (NAAT) of Infectious Diseases

L. Magro,  C. Escadafal,  P. Garneret,  B. Jacquelin,  A. Kwasiborski,  J.-C. Manuguerra, F. Monti,  A. Sakuntabhai,  J. Vanhomwegen,  P. Lafaye  and  P. Tabeling. (2017).

Lab on a Chip, 14, 2347-2371.

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Study of the Stability and Hydrophilicity of Plasma‐Modified Microfluidic Materials

B. Da Silva, M. Zhang, G. Schelcher, L. Winter, C. Guyon, P. Tabeling, D. Bonn, M. Tatoulian. (2016).

Plasma Processes and Polymers, 14 (3)

The development and numerical simulation of a plasma microreactor dedicated to chemical synthesis

M. Zhang, S. Ognier, N. Touati, L. Binet, C. Thomas, P. Tabeling, M. Tatoulian. (2016).

Green Processing and Synthesis: Berlin6.1: 63-72.

Large deformation effect in Mode I crack opening displacement of an Agar gel: A comparison of experiment and theory

R. Long, M. Lefranc, E. Bouchaud, C.-Y. Hui. (2016).

Extreme Mechanics Letters, 9, 66-73.

Point-of-care molecular diagnostics for epidemic-prone viruses

C. Escadafal, A. Kwasiborski, L. Magro, B. Jacquelin, P. Garneret, F. Monti, P. Tabeling, . Lafaye, J-C. Manuguerra, J. Vanhomwegen. (2016).

International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 53, 26.

Tailoring Patterns of Surface-Attached Multiresponsive Polymer Networks

B. Chollet, L. D’Eramo, E. Martwong, M. Li, J. Macron, T.Q. Mai, P. Tabeling. (2016).

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (37), 24870-24879.

Designing Colloidal Molecules with Microfluidics

B. Shen, J. Ricouvier, F. Malloggi and P. Tabeling. (2016).

Adv Sci , 3(6)

Multiscale surface-attached hydrogel thin films with tailored architecture

B. Chollet, M. Li, E. Martwong, B. Bresson, C. Fretigny, P. Tabeling, Y. Tran. (2016).

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , 8 (18), 11729-11738

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Near-wall nanovelocimetry based on Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence with continuous tracking

Z. Li, L. D'Eramo, C. Lee, F. Monti, M. Yonger, B. Chollet, B. Bresson, Y. Tran, P. Tabeling. (2015).

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 766.

The effect of loading rate on ductile fracture toughness and fracture surface roughness

S. Osovski, A. Srivastava, L. Ponson, E. Bouchaud, V. Tvergaard, K. Ravi-Chandar, A. Needleman. (2015).

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 76, 20-46.

Step-emulsification in a microfluidic device

Z. Li, A.M. Leshansky, L.M. Pismen. (2015).

Lab on a chip, 15, 1023-1031

A fast and switchable microfluidic mixer based on ultrasound-induced vaporization of perfluorocarbon

M. Bezagu, S. Arseniyadis, J. Cossy, O. Couture, M. Tanter, F. Monti and P. Tabeling

Lab on a Chip, 15, 2025-2029 (2015)

Droplet-based microfluidics at the femtolitre scale

M. Leman, F. Abouakil , A.D. Griffiths and P. Tabeling.  (2015).

Lab on a chip, 15, 753-765

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Slip Length Measurements Using mu PIV and TIRF-Based Velocimetry

Z. Li, L. D'Eramo, F. Monti, A-L. Vayssade, B. Chollet, B. Bresson, Y.Tran, M. Cloitre, P. Tabeling.  (2014).

Israel Journal of Chemistry, 54, 1589-1601

Parallelised production of fine and calibrated emulsions by coupling flow-focusing technique and partial wetting phenomenon

C. Cohen, R. Giles, V. Sergeyeva, N. Mittal, P. Tabeling, D. Zerrouki, J. Baudry, J. Bibette, N. Bremond. (2014).

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 17 (5), 959-966.

Dynamical role of slip heterogeneities in confined flows

A-L. Vayssade, C. Lee, E. Terriac, F. Monti, M. Cloitre, P. Tabeling. (2014).

Physical Review E, 89

High Spatiotemporal Control of Spontaneous Reactions Using Ultrasound-Triggered Composite Droplets

M. Bezagu, C. Errico, V. Chaulot-Talmon, F. Monti, M. Tanter, P.Tabeling, J. Cossy, S. Arseniyadis, O. Couture. (2014).

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, 7205-7208.

Dynamics of a small number of droplets in microfluidic Hele–Shaw cells

B. Shen, M. Leman, M. Reyssat, P. Tabeling. (2014).

Experiments in Fluids, 55 (5)

A novel approach to on-line measurement of gas evolution kinetics: Application to the negative difference effect of Mg in chloride solution

S. Lebouil, A. Duboin, F. Monti, P. Tabeling, P. Volovitch, K. Ogle. (2014)

Electrochimica Acta, 124, 176-182

Recent progress in the physics of microfluidics and related biotechnological applications

P. Tabeling. (2014).

Current opinion in Biotechnology , 25, 129-134

Physics and technological aspects of nanofluidics

L. Bocquet, P. Tabeling. (2014).

Lab on a chip, 14, 3143-3158.

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